Concession Stand Recipes, Backyard Gear, and Classic Film Picks for Movie Night

Concession Stand Recipes, Backyard Gear, and Classic Film Picks for Movie Night

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One of the ultimate summer experiences is going to an outdoor movie screening. Or: bringing the entire experience
to your own backyard with some gear, homemade concessions, and classic summer flicks.



In the interest of keeping it simple, we stuck to the basics: a solid projector that doesn’t require a million
accessories, some cozy-making accoutrements, and a shockingly spalike insect-repelling oil.

  1. Showtime

    A great starter projector. It’s got smart streaming apps built in and a decent speaker
    (though you could easily upgrade as it also has Bluetooth). You can invest in a nice screen or just use a
    sheet or blank wall to project onto.

    Nebula by Anker Mars II Pro 500 ANSI Lumen Portable Projector

    Nebula by Anker
    Mars II Pro 500 ANSI Lumen Portable Projector
    Amazon, $580


  2. Bug Off

    This insect-repelling body oil could save your evening outside. Plus, the
    lemon-eucalyptus-oil blend smells so good.

    Jao Patio Oil

    Patio Oil
    goop, $30


  3. Shed Light

    Warm, low lighting keeps things cozy.

    Eldvarm Emma Lantern

    Emma Lantern
    goop, $195


  4. Cuddle Up

    Put out pillows and a big woven basket full of blankets and throws so people can cozy up
    as the evening chill sets in.

    Morrow Parker Throw Blanket

    Parker Throw Blanket
    goop, $325



We curated an eclectic bunch—there should be something for kids, cinephiles, and surfers alike.


Olivia Wilde, 2019

Last year’s instant neo-classic about two college-bound best friends who, after being
well-to-do straight-A students, decide to go for at least one wild, debauched night of fun before high
school is over. The outrageous raunch factor works because this movie also has so much heart—deftly
portraying those will-never-be-the-same-again feelings of closing one chapter before starting another.

Do the Right Thing

Spike Lee, 1989

The summer heat in this film is palpable. So is the tension. Set in the midst of a
sweltering heat wave in Brooklyn, Do the Right Thing is an incisive exploration of race in America. It’s
highly stylized, assertive, thoughtful, tragic, funny, and at times tender. And it’s as resonant now as it
was when it came out thirty years ago.


Steven Spielberg, 1975

The movie that invented the summer blockbuster still delivers after all these years—an
amazing feat given what a famously difficult production it was. If you think you’ve seen this movie too many
times, give it another go: It rewards multiple viewings. In addition to all the iconic scenes you remember,
there are many quiet, understated, yet very intentional moments that make this story about the people, not
just the shark.

          Neighbor Totoro

Hayao Miyazaki, 1988

Hayao Miyazaki is one of Japan’s most beloved animators. My Neighbor Totoro is about two
young girls who find themselves in a new home inhabited by spirits called totoros. While the girls’ mom
recovers from an illness at a nearby hospital, the totoros take them on adventures that help shape how they
view life and the world. The timeless themes and animation will delight viewers of all ages.

Sorry to Bother

Boots Riley, 2018

A vibrant, surreal, irreverent film about a Black telemarketer who alters his voice to
sound “more white” to get ahead at work. It hits on themes people have long grappled with about success,
material wealth, and what we’re willing to sacrifice to get them. What do you consider beyond the pale, and
when? Exploring these questions in this heightened alternate world doesn’t feel like homework. The score and
soundtrack are great—first-time director Riley is mostly known from his Oakland-based hip-hop band The Coup.

The Endless Summer

Bruce Brown, 1966

This genre-defining sports doc follows pro surfers as they chase the best waves all over
the world. The commentary is both silly and wry, and the footage of gorgeous scenery and epic surf is
especially satisfying if you’ve got some summertime wanderlust. The surf-rock soundtrack, courtesy of The
Sandals, is also a quintessential summer vibe.

Learn more about movie nights at The Avocado House (pictured, top) on Instagram @aldensteimle.

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