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7 Tips To A Younger-Looking You

1. Take an aspirin. This wonder drug does more than just relieve headaches and fever; it can also decrease your risk of stroke, heart disease, memory loss, wrinkles and even some cancers. Take 325 milligrams of aspirin a day. 2. Have sex. Spending time between the sheets at least twice a week can make you […]

Workout While Watching TV

After a long day of work, coming home to your favorite reality television show or medical drama can be a comforting way to spend the evening. It’s easy to plan to workout in the evening and then let the rush of fatigue wash over you as you snuggle up to the couch for the next […]

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A more carefree attitude may help keep your mind young. Chronic worry was linked to an increased risk of cognitive decline in a study. Obsessive worriers had more than double the risk of decline compared to their more carefree peers. Kick worries to the curb by writing them down in a journal or talking them […]

Here are 5 tips that will help you keep your brain healthy and active.

1. Puzzles– Doing puzzles such as crossword and jigsaw puzzles may keep your memory and thinking skills sharp as well as help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. If you want to keep your brain active, turn off the television and try a crossword puzzle. Jigsaw puzzles are also a great way to spend time with […]

Amanda Richardson is a personal shopper in an exclusive department store.

She trained as a beauty therapist, and worked abroad before finding her ‘dream job’ advertised on a website. How would you outline your role? I provide a complimentary service – consulting clients on their individual needs, advising them and sourcing items from the store that will best fit their requirements.   What are your main […]

Derek Baldwin is a model who features in many male

magazines advertising beauty and grooming products, as well as clothing. He is photographed using a number of commercial products for skin, body and hair care. He takes part in photo shoots both in the studio and outdoors. What is your role? As a model, I have to be photographed in different settings such as studios […]

Jennifer Lenard started out as a professional ice skater and

discovered she had a love for make-up and wigs. She now works as a make-up artist on a range of assignments, from weddings and children’s parties, to film, television work and teaching. How would you outline your role?  I use make-up to transform and enhance a person’s looks. They may want to present themselves well […]

What is your working environment like?

The spa is relaxed and modern, with soothing music playing in the background. It is very clean, comfortable and pleasant  to work in. There is a reception area where we greet clients and display our products, as well as individual treatment rooms. Who do you work with?  I work in a team of ten therapists. […]

. Laura Usher works as a sales representative for Avon Cosmetics, a beauty products company that sells direct to the public. Laura sells a range of beauty products and homeware to clients in their homes, in health and fitness clubs and in offices.

What is your role? As an Avon representative, I’m responsible for marketing the products, taking and placing orders, delivering goods and collecting payments. What are your main responsibilities? I have to deliver brochures to houses within an assigned area, collect orders from customers and make sure they receive the right products at the correct  rices. […]

Packing operative/manager Adrian Roberts is a manufacturing operative

for a major beauty products company. He ensures the ingredients of beauty products are mixed accurately and hygienically In addition, he uses a fork-lift truck to transport the ingredients and the finished products to and from the warehouse How would you outline your role? I am part of a team that ensures the raw materials […]