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5 Ways to Break Out of Your Beauty Rut

Do you find yourself reaching for the same cosmetics and beauty products every single morning? It may be time to break out of a beauty rut. Whether it’s the no makeup look, bright red lipstick, a high ponytail, or black nail polish, you have a “thing” – except lately, that “thing” feels more like a […]

7 Tips To A Younger-Looking You

1. Take an aspirin. This wonder drug does more than just relieve headaches and fever; it can also decrease your risk of stroke, heart disease, memory loss, wrinkles and even some cancers. Take 325 milligrams of aspirin a day. 2. Have sex. Spending time between the sheets at least twice a week can make you […]

TV time is the perfect time to get in a killer ab

workout. Experiment with different kindsof crunches to work all of your abdominals• If you’re looking to sculpt your derriere, then do chair squats during commercial breaks. Stand up in front of a couch or chair and then squat down until you are almost sitting, but not quite. Stand back up and repeat for the length […]

Workout While Watching TV

After a long day of work, coming home to your favorite reality television show or medical drama can be a comforting way to spend the evening. It’s easy to plan to workout in the evening and then let the rush of fatigue wash over you as you snuggle up to the couch for the next […]

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A more carefree attitude may help keep your mind young. Chronic worry was linked to an increased risk of cognitive decline in a study. Obsessive worriers had more than double the risk of decline compared to their more carefree peers. Kick worries to the curb by writing them down in a journal or talking them […]

Chest Lift

While this may look like a crunch, it is not. Lie on a mat with your knees ben and feet flat on the mat. Make sure that your hip, knee and ankle are all in alignment. Keeping your shoulders down, bring your hands behind your head with your fingertips supporting the base of your skill. […]

5 Reasons to Start Running Now

You know you should be doing it, it’s easy, requires minimal equipment and you know it’s good for you. But for some reason you just cant’ bring yourself to hit the pavement. Running is known to have both physical and psychological benefits. Even running for as little as 60 minutes per week can improve your […]

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The private lounge where we meet clients and hold consultations is very luxurious,

with comfortable seating, private fitting rooms, magazines and refreshments. What special skills or qualities do you need for your job? It’s important to be discreet. Sometimes our clients are celebrities and their privacy has to be respected. Communication skills are vital. You are meeting all kinds of people and you need the ability to be […]

What training have you done

I haven’t had any formal training. I learnt to scout by helping other scouts, noticing how certain features translate onto film and learning the importance of good bone structure and original looks.   What do you like/dislike about your job? There is a tremendous sense of satisfaction in helping someone to build a modeling career. […]