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5 Ways to Break Out of Your Beauty Rut

Do you find yourself reaching for the same cosmetics and beauty products every single morning? It may be time to break out of a beauty rut. Whether it’s the no makeup look, bright red lipstick, a high ponytail, or black nail polish, you have a “thing” – except lately, that “thing” feels more like a […]

Can Grapefruit Make You Seem Younger?

 Yes, it can! You may want to switch from eating a grapefruit to using the juice as perfume. Try out a flirty grapefruit scented body spray. Research has demonstrated that the scent of grapefruit on a woman makes her seem six years younger to men. My Tip Notes: Don’t Lose Your Patience Are you always […]

Exercise is also important to looking and feeling your best. Try to exercise every day — it’s

good for your body, and it helps relieve stress (which can take a toll on your health and your appearance). You don’t have to run 10 miles to get the benefits of working out. Taking a brisk walk around the neighborhood after dinner is a great way to work exercise into your day. Yoga and […]

Staying Healthy Through Aging

As you begin to get older and wiser, you may be looking for the key to staying healthy as you age. The truth is that there is no miracle pill or special diet. The answer is simply old-fashioned diet and exercise. A healthy diet consisting of a wide variety of foods including fruits, vegetables, complex […]

• Physical appearance is more important than educational qualifications Agencies have exact

specifications regarding height and shape. • Some models enter the industry by sending their photographs to an agency. Others are discovered by scouts employed by agencies to spot potential talent. • Although there are some private modelling schools, pre-entry training is not necessary. What training have you done? I had some guidance in my first […]

What are the particular challenges in your work

I suffer from dyslexia but it does not affect my competency at work and I have established ‘workarounds’ for any problems I have encountered. I have to transport a large heavy kit with all my work equipment and this can be awkward and heavy to carry around. Sometimes, meeting people’s expectations can be  motionally challenging, […]

Beauty consultant Beauty therapist Fashion/clothing designer Fashion model

Hairdresser Photographic stylist    ion Most image consultants are selfemployed, so earnings vary greatly  Consultants can earn from £12,000 to £40,000 a year. Getting in • There are no set entry requirements, but experience in a related area  such as beauty therapy or marketing, is useful. • There are relevant qualifications at a variety of levels […]

So you want to work in beauty and hairdressing?

The British hairdressing and beauty industry employs about 250,000 people and is all about making people look and feel good. The quality of your work will be immediately felt or seen, so this means you will carry a lot of responsibility. Working environments are generally comfortable and pleasant, with hairdressing salons slightly livelier than beauty […]

Using quality blotting papers in order to manage oil buildup

To avoiaccumulating too much oil on your face, use quality blotting papers to manage it. Aside from being effective in managing oil buildup, blotting papers can also help you clean up your skin around your eyes and emphasize it. 44. Reapply sunscreens every two to three hours – When you purchase sunscreen lotions, you may […]

Presentation of Vals Vintage by Sicario

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Only the day of my birthday I was invited by Sicario Store to your online presentation Vals Vintage by Sicario. The store, located in the City of Mexico, sells clothing for boys, books and other developments and is famous in these parts, among other things, for its wide assortment of shirts. Upon arrival, I ran […]