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    Proenza Schouler’s calling attention

    Someone gave me for my birthday the U.S. Vogue April 2007. I keep it still, something battered therefore presume it. […]

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    Soundtrack of my life

    The promise is a promise … the rules are the same as in the previous post: put the player in […]

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    Last time: Roland Mouret back

    Rumors have been confirmed and give the news WWD: Roland Mouret has been associated with British entrepreneur Simon Fuller to […]

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    New trends princesses. Part two.

    one of the things they have in common Kate Middleton and Charlotte Casiraghi is that its informal style is youthful […]

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    10 years Vanessa Bruno

    French designer Vanessa Bruno’s anniversary.
    10 years old has been in the fashion world, 10 years of success with female creations, […]

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    Paco Rabanne? Missing closure?

    Founded in 1966 the firm seems Paco Rabanne not be able to celebrate his fortieth birthday. According to British Vogue […]

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    Hot Hot ..

    Ha! That’s three people that when they hear that I have a blog on Fashion look me up and down […]

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    And The Oscar Goes To …

    Big plans tonight? Oscar parties? Oscar-Meyer parties?
    Well, whatever you’ve got going, Cue the drumroll AND ROLL OUT THE RED CARPET […]

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    Bed Head Queen for a Day Thickening Spray

    Packaging, by all accounts, Should not matter-Their books by covers, and all that-but there are exceptions to the rule (Tatcha’s […]

How to Add Any Captions to Photos

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  The art of captioning photos is not easy to master. Actually the part where you actually add captions to photos is really not that difficult if you have the right software, but as you’re about to realize there is a lot more to it than that if you want to create captioned photos that […]

Benefits of Exercise

Exercise is one of the best methods for looking younger. Everything that is done to the body externally can only deliver superficial results. To truly look and feel younger, a person must exercise to have a healthy and young body. There are many ways to exercise. It doesn’t matter so much how a person exercises; […]

How to Wear Skinny Jeans for both Skinny and Curvy Women

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I am a woman in my 30’s and I really like skinny jeans though I am curvy. It does not matter if you have a sense of fashion and the right pair of jeans you can wear skinny jeans and look awesome. One thing I love most about the skinny jeans is the look classic […]

Kolkata better place for real estate

Kolkata better place for real estate In spite of the fact that Kolkata has lookup to felled behind its kindred metropolitan urban areas of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, the land markets of the city are termed as much more steady than them. The property estimations in Kolkata are not theoretical and it is for the […]

5 Ways to Break Out of Your Beauty Rut

Do you find yourself reaching for the same cosmetics and beauty products every single morning? It may be time to break out of a beauty rut. Whether it’s the no makeup look, bright red lipstick, a high ponytail, or black nail polish, you have a “thing” – except lately, that “thing” feels more like a […]

Get Your Advantages Of Weather Forecasting For Your Organization

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Importance Of Forecasting Of Weather Nowadays, many organizations using the different varieties of methods for forecasting in order to acquire and assess the outcomes as much as possible for the company. The weather forecasts provided various methods where almost all the individual organization using this method based on availability of data as well as the […]

Get Cleared With The Uses Of Carpet And Its Cleaning Services!!

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Apart from adding dignity to your home or work spot or place, the carpet or rug is likewise helpful in dodging or avoiding disturbance while strolling, either keeps you from falling or protects you when you fall, gives comfort or solace, calm and cool environment. It gets to be basic to keep your floor covering […]

Significance Of Online Directory For Plumbers Denver Search

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Searching for a product or for a service is easy and effective through online surfing. It becomes a pain if search result is irrelevant because the person has already lost the patience to do second round of searching. Imagine sitting for more than five minutes keeping the finger crossed anticipating for a good set of […]

Get the plumbing works done in right way

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A reliable service is more satisfying than anything else. If you make a right decision in choosing the ideal plumbing service, trust me half of your burden is over. Because when you handover your leaking faucet or pipeline issues to a trustworthy team of plumbers, you will be more relaxed as their work can fulfill […]

Police discovered the sex doll in the river

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In August 20, some people say there are a women body find in Yuanjiang River, Changde Wuling Public Security Bureau police station dispatch a large number of police and forensic rushed to the scene after a long arduous salvage, and finally found it is a silicone sex doll instead of real women. Tired police said […]